With acres of sweeping lawns, a number of formal and informal gardens, and in excess of 800 varieties of roses, Morning Star Estate is a horticultural delight.

The Formal Garden of Morning Star Estate is located between the Restaurant and Sunnyside Vineyard.  It is here that you will find the Sunken Garden, which is used regularly for weddings and functions.  Climb the stairs to the Rotunda, which is completely covered with the appropriately named ‘Wedding Day’ Rose, then walk through the avenue that leads to the cascading fountain, the arches of which are covered with a variety of climbing roses. It is recommended that when touring the garden one stops here and breathes deeply to enjoy the fresh rose fragrances emanating from all these wonderful blooms.

The ‘Rose Paddock’, located adjacent to the vineyards and directly down from the main private residence, is a walkway of 15 rose-beds each bordered by Box hedges. This area contains over 400 varieties of roses and is a magnificent display of colour and perfume in spring and summer. The far edge contains a row of standard iceberg roses with olive trees behind them forming a background.

Below the ‘Rose Paddock’ one of two new additions to the gardens can be found.  The first is the new ‘Heritage Rose’ garden, established by Judy in 2007, which contains a large variety of heritage hoses many of which are of the Alistair Clarke 1845 vintage grouping.  The second is the placement of a Gazebo, planted out with white Wisteria and the red rose climber, Pierre de Ronsard, beside the Rose Paddock, together with an Arbour forming an entrance to the Heritage Rose area and it’s beds.

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